Nacho Herrán was born in Madrid 31 years ago. He studied Cinematographic Direction at the Séptima Ars School of Cinema, and he complemented his education with three different masters: Screenplay at the ECAM, Postproduction at CICE and Actors’ direction at the “Escuela de San Antonio de los Baños” in Cuba.
He started working as an editor and postproduction coordinator until he changed to direction. He’s been a part of the creative duo “Kaneda” and of the collective “Motel”.
Now he continues his career represented by the Lobo Kane family.
His visual language is focused on the narrative. Although he has worked with most of the genres, in his reel, comedy stands out, specially with an acid and sarcastic touch. Nacho has specialized in actors’ direction, but gives his films a very cinematographic aesthetic you’ll be able to see in his campaigns.




Padre e Hija




People are Weird