Marina Seresesky is a feature film director and scriptwriter (Buenos Aires) who lives in Spain. In 2009, her short film “L’Ultima Opportunittá” received the award for Best Screenplay and Best Short Film at the Ciudad Real Film Festival. Her short films “El Cortejo” and “La Boda” have been awarded more than 150 prizes, in Spain and abroad, They were also Goya nominated for Best Short Film. In 2012 her documentary “Madres, 0’15 el Minuto”, was awarded with the Biznaga prize at the Malaga Film Festival. Her first feature film, “La Puerta Abierta” (2017) received two Goya nominations, as well as more than 25 prices from festivals all over the world.

Empieza el baile



Una nueva vida (Trailer)

Lo nunca visto


La Puerta Abierta

Tráiler (film)